19 April 2007

You people are AMAZING!

All I can really start this blog off with is a "WOW". In less than 24 hours, I exceeded my minimum goal of $1,800 for my fundraising. You guys ROCK MY WORLD! Thank you to everyone who donated...

But in the name of sisterly love (and peer pressure), I also managed to drag my sister into my madness, and she and I have created a team! Whoo hoo! (I guess me making her jump out of an airplane wasn't scarring enough, so she let me drag her into this madness too.) We're calling ourselves "Adventures in Boobland". (I wanted to be Boobalicious, but that name was already taken.) In any case, here's our TEAM PAGE... check us out! And note that my sister hasn't met her minimum yet. So if you're going to give, you can give to either of us... but we each have to raise *at least* $1,800 in order to walk. We will, I have confidence, raise a LOT more... but that all depends on you!

Shameless plug for donations over.... (for now... ;-) )

In other news, I strive each day to learn something new. And yesterday, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn that yes, indeedy, I am allergic to owls. After this fabulous photo was taken, my eyes started watering and still today, my sinuses haven't forgiven me. Still, it was worth it to meet Ernie...

And in one last, fabulous "New York Moment" moment, I scored two tickets to "Inherit the Wind" on Broadway, starring Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy - two people I have been desperate to see perform live on stage since I moved here! Now I just need to find a date to go with me...

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