27 September 2007

three things

there are three things you should never do when you break up with someone:

1. spend the night alone at a ghetto hotel in a city you don't know

2. watch sex and the city - the one about how they're getting "old" (i.e. the same age as you) and are alone and unhappy

3. write a blog.

oops. note to self: follow own advice.

24 September 2007

Launches, Lurches, Lunches

Hello blogger-readers... it's been rather quiet on this front, I'll admit. The new job is crazy, but the beast launches tomorrow... so hopefully the internet won't blow up or anything. If it does, don't tell anyone it's because of me, deal?

I'll admit being kind of excited. It's kinda weird to have excitement about a job again.... and I'll also admit that I like caring about my job again. I need to keep this going for a while, I think. It is kind of hard to tell what your bosses are feeling about your work when they are thousands of miles away.

What else... in other news, the apartment-buying process is taking it's usual sluggish pace... but hopefully things will be resolved soon. I am not sure that buying a place that needs work was such a good idea at this point in my life. But hey, too late now. Low-VOC paint, here I come.

The 39-mile walk for breast cancer is in a week and half, and it's going to hurt. Badly. My sister and I decided a few weeks ago that we needed to "train"... and since then, we've probably walked a total of 20 miles. We did have a good two-day training streak - two days of 6-mile walks each. We were hurtin' though... and at the end, decided that we'll be fine, but we'll be sore. I mean, I'm excited at the challenge, and I'm sure it's going to be an amazing adventure... but 39 miles is a looooooong way on foot. Please feel free to stop along the route and bring us brownies... or adrenaline shots... or just a stretcher. After I'm done I'm going to get a brain transplant to make sure I don't have any of these stupid ideas again.

Other than that, depression seems to be the running theme in my life. I guess all the upheaval of the last 2 years is still draggin' me down. (*sigh*). Tired of this. Really. C'mon. Is this whole "depressed for 2 years" thing supposed to be a joke? Cuz I'm not friggin' laughing.

18 September 2007

What gets my goat...

Things that get my goat:

Being thirsty and having to pee at the same time.

Melting ice watering down a $12 drink.

Uptime and downtime being indistinguishable in their levels of stress.

Non-thong giving a wedgie. (Why else would you wear grannie-panties except to avoid a wedgie?)

Switching to online billing to save paper, and still getting junk mail from the credit card company. (I'm talkin' to you, AMEX.)

Being surrounded by people and feeling lonely. (And then being filled with guilt because I shouldn't feel lonely.)

People who claim online "friends" aren't real friendships.

Phlegm and swollen sinuses. (Really, what is the evolutionary purpose of a sinus headache?)

Computers that don't do what they're supposed to do.

Cleaning up my room, and then not being able to find anything I'm looking for.

Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

People who can't separate work and play... and people who can't enjoy that separation.

The fact that you can't have long fingernails and play the piano.

Places that run the heat or A/C based on the date and not the temperature.

I think that's it for now. Meanwhile, my sister and I are "training" for our walk in two weeks... yikes!!! Wish us luck!

13 September 2007

Best. Email. Spam. Ever.

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12 September 2007

Yep, Nope

Yep, I'm still alive.
Nope, I don't have an apartment yet.
Yep, I'm still a redhead.
Yep, I love it and might stay a redhead for a while.
Yep, I still have a job.
Nope, I haven't stopped working since I started it.

And Yep, overall, I'm pretty happy....
... and in desperate need of a massage.

06 September 2007

A Conversation on Sharks

Nephew #3: (running to his mom, upset and on the verge of tears)
Mama, sharks can't go out of the water... But he says no, they can!
(points accusingly at nephew #4)

Mama: (to nephew #4)
Sharks can't go out of the water or they'll die.

Nephew #4: (puzzled)
But then how do they get on boats?

They don't.

Nephew #4: (tears welling in eyes)
But Mama, they HAVE to...

Honey, they can't.

Nephew #4: (pouting)
I don't wanna play this game any more.
(stomps towards tire swing)

01 September 2007