20 April 2007

Two thousand guests for the weekend

Do you remember when you were a child, and the classroom had a "pet"... probably a guinea pig, or a rabbit, or maybe a frog or turtle? I remember the guinea pig from - I believe - first grade. Every weekend, a different kid (read: parent) would have to take the bugger home, and make sure it didn't die. For some reason, I remember the guinea pig's name... "Rocky"... which I'm sure is a gem of a piece of knowledge that is taking up space in my brain in place of something far less important, like my pin number for my ATM card.

Well, I thought the days of having to babysit animals over the weekend was over... at least until I popped out a few (human) puppies, they made it to the world of kindergarten or first grade, and then they were roped into the same babysitting duties.

I was mistaken.

This weekend, I am a proud pseudo-parent once more... to 2,000 worms. Yep, for the next 60 hours, I am responsible for the care and well being of approximately 2 pounds of red wiggler worms. They must be aerated (by turning the soil over a few times a day), well-fed (with a few pieces of lettuce), and I must ensure that they don't escape (by keeping a light on them.) They can't get too hot, or too cold, and I can't close the lid on the bin completely or they'll suffocate. Needless to say, the light is not going off in my apartment for the next 60 hours.

Now. What am I going to do with them when I have an open house on Sunday? Shall I take them for a stroll to Central Park, do you suppose? Or maybe for a cuppa tea at Starbucks? Maybe I'll take them... FISHING! (*gasp! wormicide!*)

Seriously, though, in case anyone ever asks, *this* is a perfect example of the glamorous side of the entertainment business.

On a slightly more cultured note, last night I went to see "Inherit the Wind" at the Lyceum theater... what an amazing experience. The limited-engagement performances include Brian Dennehy as Matthew Harrison Brady, and Christopher Plummer as Henry Drummond. These are two actors that I've LONGED to see in person on the stage since I *knew* there was a stage. These men were absolutely brilliant on the stage. You could literally watch Brian Dennehy deflate as his character developed through the 2 hour show... He filled the entire stage with his presence, and by the end, was no bigger than a frightened child in the arms of his stage-wife. Christopher Plummer was likewise stunning... but not in an overpowering way. He played his unkempt role perfectly, drawing in the audience slowly to the passions hidden within his character. I cannot tell you how quickly those two hours went, or how energized I was... I was literally transported to the small, overheated courthouse portrayed in the theater, while simultaneously awed by the seemingly effortless expressiveness combined with the commanding stage presences of Mr. Dennehy and Mr. Plummer. *This* is what great theater is made of!!

The performances by Mr. Dennehy and Mr. Plummer were amazing, but not surprisingly so. After all, when one gets tickets to see giants, one expects to be amazed by them. I have to - honestly - give the standing ovation to Denis O'Hare, who portrayed the cynical, slapstick, sarcastic big-city reporter perfectly, and was able to more than hold his own while being on stage with such legendary leads. Bravo!

On to my next wish list of Broadway performers to see live.... Kevin Spacey, Mandy Patinkin, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart.... (*swoon*)
Now if you'll excuse me - I have to go aerate my guests. And then scrub the worm slime from under my fingernails. (Did Carrie, Samantha or Charlotte *ever* have to do this? I think not...)

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