30 April 2007

Training day

As the 39 mile walk looms only 6 months away, I've started an informal training schedule that really is just a way to gauge how much it's going to hurt when my sister and I embark upon my stupid idea. A few weeks ago, I took the initiative and walked to Central Park (about 1 mile, according to Google maps) and then did the 6 mile loop, and returned home. A whopping 8 miles - less than one-third of what we'll walk on Day 1 of our two-day trek.

It was long. But beautiful - with the trees just blooming, perfect weather, new shoes, breeze blowing, and people-watching at an all-time high. Bring along some kickin' iTunes and... well... I made it through and didn't feel too badly. But it took three hours. Which means that the first day, my sister and I will be walking 10 hours. In a row. To quote my sister: "I don't do anything for 10 hours straight!"

Eh gads. What have I done?

So I started walking home from work every day. (Or, at least, every day that I worked, and it wasn't raining, which - so far - has been about 4 or 5 times.) It's a bit over 2 miles or so. The first day, I did it in my 'healthy-good-for-you' sneakers, lookin' mighty sexy in my mandatory NYC black wardrobe paired with brand-new glow-in-the-dark WHITE sneakers. My feet felt great, but I was stylishly uncool. Even my office mates took second glances at the shoes and tried to be nice, but I could read their minds... So the second time, I decided to walk home in my new NYC walking shoes.


NYC walking shoes are great, but they are not meant for the 'put your head down and see how many walk signals you can beat as you weave through the tourists on 5th Avenue for 40 minutes' pace. And by the time I got home, I had blisters, arch pangs, and toe cramping. Not fun. Desperately in need of a foot massage.

So this Sunday, when my sister and I took the boys to the zoo and we walked around for 4 hours, I wore my pseudo-healthy trendy black mini-sneakers with my arch supports in them... And we were exhausted. And my feet were killing me. I think it might be time for some serious reconsideration of my sanity for signing up for this walk. But let's look on the bright side - if both feet hurt at the same time, you don't limp. It's true!

But there's no going back now. So from now on, it's geeky white shoes, dammit. I don't care if I look like a loser... I'm still cool - on the inside. And I won't be limping. One day, I'm going to get serious enough about this to walk to AND from work... just as soon as I become a morning person. Which will be in ... oh ... my next incarnation on this planet.

Until then, walk on, dear readers... walk on...


sven said...

OR.... you could wear a white outfit with the good shoes?

Beth said...

Wear white? (*gasp*) In New York? (*pass out from shock*)