01 April 2007

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy April Fool's Day. Thankfully it passed without much incident... I do loathe practical jokes.

There was a minor frustrating moment this afternoon upon my return to NYC... but not enough to color the day. Just wish I knew what to do in situations where there's nothing I can do... (how's that for a Capricorn's worst nightmare?)... It made me a little sad.

On top of that, I heard some rather unsurprising (yet still surprisingly painful) news this weekend... As independent and strong as I would like to think I am, others' opinions of me admittedly have an emotional impact that is sometimes more substantial than I initially think it will be (and more than I hope it will be, I'll admit that too.) I've pushed off letting this particular piece of information sink in, and tonight, it's finally reaching from the recesses of my brain into the frontal lobe... and it sucks. Just sayin'.

Yesterday I went to a wedding... it's the first time I've ever been at the "singles' table." Fascinating and slightly shocking change of social positioning. But friend Chris and I pulled through, and eventually I ended up dancing like a madwoman until midnight... Lots of pink drinks and blistered toes later, I was a very, very happy woman! I realize, though, that I do miss dancing.... I think maybe I'll start taking Salsa lessons... it's kind of sexy, and it feels so good to move to some kind of rhythm again... After 14 years without it, I think I miss my music...

Today I helped dye Easter Eggs with my nephews... I'm madly in love with them, you know... There's nothing like 4 really cute boys fighting for your attention at the same time... Now *that* is a dream come true...

In other wildly cool and bizarro news, seems as though Amelia Earhart might not be totally missing any more....

And my other random thought of the day: Don't you hate it when you are really thirsty and have to pee at the same time? (Thanks for that, Dani... and we need to have tea again sometime. I miss you.)

(Psychobabble... my apologies, but I'm a bit prickly right now.... so the blog is representing my off-time state of mind. Sounds like baked goods might be in order this evening.)


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