29 April 2007

Spring, sprang, sprung...

Suddenly, it seems that everyone around me is getting knocked up. Several people at work are near hatching; my divorce lawyer was so 'due' that I was happy we made it through dinner without water breaking; and a friend just shared her happy news that she's due in about 6 months. On a related note, romance is spreading at a blistering rate through my life... with one wedding a few weeks ago, another getting hitched this weekend, another couple just sent me a "save the date" for their wedding, another pair is on the verge of proposal, and one more friend who took the ring and the sentiment, but insists on wearing it on another finger. (yes, that other finger.) I guess spring is in the air... even the peacocks at the zoo today were showin' off the plumage... Bring it on!

In other completely unrelated news, I am having flashbacks to my senior year of high school lately (it could have something to do with reminiscing with my sister through old photo albums this weekend.) I wonder where my senior prom date, Matt, is keeping himself these days? Prom night, Matt and Pat (the boys) set up an entire dinner in the middle of a field for the four of us.... a portable grill with filet mignon, mushroom sauce of some sort, vegetables, salad, and dessert... all pulled from the back of the car. Complete with candle centerpieces, wine glasses... the whole nine yards, in a clearing in a field... it was brilliant. I didn't quite realize the imagination those boys had until recently. If I ever remember to do it, I'll be sure to scan in some of those old and embarassing photos. I would ponder this a bit further - it was a major relationship turning point in my life, and no doubt this would turn into quite a psychobabbly trip down memory lane - but the work week is looming, and the writing frenzy I was in last night was enough to make me temper my keyboard adventures this evening.

I'm off to bed... a bit tired... how can four mini-boys be so energizing and exhausting at the same time? Phew!

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