27 April 2007

Inspirations... socializations...

This is so incredibly moving... I think I'm going to cry (though that could also be PMS)... Stephen Hawking in zero-gravity... how inspiring... Here's the FULL STORY.

(photo credit: Zero-Gravity Corporation/Reuters)

I think I might have to add "Zero gravity flight" to my list... who wants to come with me?

Until then, the daily adventures continue... Not so inspiring this morning was waking up, and opening the blinds to look across the street and find my cross-window neighbor nude and standing full-frontal, brushing his teeth while taking in the sights and sounds of the morning traffic on the street below. Well, you have to give him credit for not being shy... but at least his partner was wearing some tighty-whities. On the flip side, he's probably been subjected to my underwear-clad wanderings in my own apartment at times... and I don't want to even think about what I look like from across the way while doing my silly workout videos... (*shudder*)....

Friday night socializing is at a maximum tonight... and I definitely could use a few pink drinks right now! Let's see how low the tolerance has really gotten of late, shall we?

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