09 April 2007

God Bless America


6 oz of solid milk chocolate.
4 servings per container.
21g of sugar per serving.
230 calories per serving.
8% of your RDA of calcium per serving (and no other nutrients.)

And it's shaped like a bunny.... in RUNNING SHOES... ostesibly trying to overcome his own lack of nutritional value and... get in shape? C'mon... this *has* to be a joke... right?

(Why is spinach is never packaged like this?)

I'm off to smash the cute little bunny up into tiny non-fitness-oriented pieces and make not-getting-in-shape chocolate chunk cookies. (S'alright though - I already did my 50 pushups and 100 situps today.)


Anonymous said...

No guilt! Just think of all the calories burned in baking those cookies and the muscles used in eating them!

Beth said...

aaah, the 'celery' argument... most excellent.