24 January 2008

Rings first...


My sister told me I had to start blogging again, if for no other reason than to bump the depressing posts further down. So, here I am!

First off, I'm still alive - no I haven't dropped off the face of the planet completely. I was just in CT for a while. The good news is that living with my sister and her family was great. The only downside - moving out. Now I actually have to cook and do the dishes. Bummer.

Second, I turned 35 last week. It wasn't as painful as anticipated, and I only noticed three or four new wrinkles. But I think this is the age when mammograms and botox injections are supposed to start, so we're right on track. (Kidding...)

In other news, I've found my wedding rings... the only thing missing - a groom... Ah well, one step at a time, eh? Maybe I'll pull a Dennis Rodney and marry myself... or just get the rings. (*grin*)