28 February 2007

A Conversation with Dan...

(Cut to scene: Office stairwell, returning from getting lunch. Me: Old fart Producer walking with Dan: Young, cool and still unjaded PA)

Me: Hey Dan, happy birthday. Sorry I missed the cake yesterday.

Dan: It's alright. The real party is this weekend.

Me: (sarcastic) You can't possibly party yet. How old are you? 12? 13?

Dan: Very funny. No, I just turned 23.

Me: Oh, that's cool... 23 is a good age. I just turned 23 too.

Dan: Really?

Me: No... but I did just celebrate the 11th anniversary of my 23rd birthday.

Dan: Wait... (calculating)... You're 34?

Me: Yes! You win the grand prize!

Dan: Are you kidding?

Me: About the prize? Yea, I'm kidding.

Dan: No, wait, seriously... You're not really 34 are you?

Me: Yes.... why?

Dan: You can't be 34. You're too hip.

Me: (rendered speechless)

(end scene)

Author's commentary: Being a self-described band-geek my entire life, I don't think anyone over the age of seven has ever thought of me as "hip"... and I was only cool to them because I accidentally made a mixture of vinegar and baking soda explode all over the entire surface area of my sister's kitchen, including the ceiling. I doubt that technically classifies as "hip"... but I'll be sure to ask James Brown when I see him in the afterlife.


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