06 February 2007

Smallest Skis EVER

Nephew #1 - age 2.5 - perched on the world's smallest skis. He spent 7 hours suspended like a pendulum between one of the adult's legs, cruising down the bunny hill. And at the end of the day, all he had to say was, "More skiing, Mama! More skiing, Papa!" The adults were past their nap times, though, so we went home.
Nephew #2, on his first day of ski lessons. He did "pizza" and "french fries" in the lesson, but on the hill, was content to let dad take over and lead him down the slope.
Who is that masked man? That's #3... who by the end of the day was convinced that he was going to be on the racing team (because someone at the bottom of the hill told him that there was a 6 year-old on the ski team...) I think he learned "Pizza" and "French Fries" too... but only used the French Fries position to go fast down the hill...

#4: The oldest... Not the most adventurous one, and he fell down the most. But still had spunk and he and #3 raced each other down the bunny hill all day... literally...

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