26 February 2007

And the award goes to...

Finally, my New York Oscar Awards Go To...

Best Penne Carbonara:
Caffe Linda

Best Mojito:
Stefan Trummer's creations, currently at Nicole Farhi 202

Best Fizzy Pink Drink:
Strawbellini, at Hudson Bar

Best Beer Atmosphere:
McSorley's Ale House (where else?)

Best Sunday Brunch You Never Knew About:
Prix fix at the Sacks Fifth Avenue cafe (8th floor)

Best Pizza:
Patsy's at 34th and 3rd Ave.

Best Salad:
Patsy's at 34th and 3rd Ave. (it's a sweep!)

Best Polenta Ever Made:
L'Impero (I *heart* Scott Conant)

Best Banana Pudding: (I'm southern, so this gets its own category)
Virgil's BBQ

Best Food That's Not On The Menu:
Grand Marnier Shrimp at Chin Chin

Best Ice Cream Over-Indulgence:
Serendipity 3

Best Over-Priced-But-Still-Worth-It Dessert:
Olive Oil Gelato at Babbo (grazie, Mario!)

Best Place to Meet on an Expensive Date:
Top of the Tower, Beekman Tower

Best Place to Meet on a Medium Date:

Best Place to Meet on an Cheap Date:
Central Park Carousel

Best Place In New York overall:
holding hands with someone while walking around downtown

(and in case anyone asks, I'm wearing J.Crew)

On a completely and utterly random note...
Tomorrow, my eyebrows get an official made-for-TV makeover. Apparently my eyebrows needed an intervention. God help me in the hands of elite salon eyebrow artists... and who knows what my until-now-untamed brows will become after tomorrow. But I'll be sure to tell you when the "after" photos are airing. (For sure it'll be better than the monstrosity of a wedding dress that aired circa 1996... I still have photos of that day. It lives on in my nightmares. Note to self: Has it really taken you 12 years to realize that you're Not. Supposed. To. Be. In. Front. Of. The. Camera.? Dang, you ARE a stubborn one aren't you?)

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