19 February 2007

Put on your dancin' shoes...

Aaah, life is good! I'm in a dancing mood tonight... I should remember this, as I stare at the next two weeks of crazy amounts of work... It's amazing what music can do for the mood. My dance-around-the-house play list as we speak:

What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake - Oh yes, I embrace with vigor my fondness for top 40 pop hits at times. But it was on Ugly Betty the other day... doesn't that make it the least bit cool? Eh, who cares...

Lift Me Up by Moby - GREAT tune! Gotta move *something* when you listen to this one.

Karma by Alicia Keys - Have you seen her in Smoking Aces? WOW.

SOS (Rescue Me) by Rihanna - another kickin' dance tune.

New Shoes by Paolo Nutini - yea, I know... old news. Still a great tune.

Overload by Sugababes - Thank you, Ali. This STILL reminds me of your pool last summer. Shall we do it again? This time I claim the floaty turtle...

Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall - "Suddenly I see, This is what I want to be..."

This Is How A Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas - another top 40. Whoo hoo!

Or perhaps to mellow things out a little:
Black Swan by Thom Yorke - Warning: Rated VERY "R". Took me a minute to figure out what he was saying. Let's just say it's not a tune for the kiddies in the car.

Song Noir by John Auer - I love the chord progressions that that kick in at 1:17.

The Few That Remain by Jeff Trott - a mellower tune I heard in Starbucks today while chatting with a cute boy who was also reading the New York Times. Now *that* is the quintessential New York Sunday morning.

So after my two weeks of manic work... (oh, this is good)... a week of diving in warm Caribbean seas... the sun, the waves, the warmth (no gloves, coats, hats, long undies), the pink drinks, the cute dive master boys, and my brand new bikini. Yes, it's going to be fabulous... You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this! In the to-do list: Swim / dive with dolphins, dive with sharks, night dive, horseback riding, sunshine worshiping, waterlogged fingers, re-blonding the hair, fruity-flavored drinks, and lots of suntan lotion. What I'm NOT going to do: Wear a scarf, slip on ice, or think about obligations for 6 days. Life is good!

The only bummer... the passport office lost my passport. So I smell a long, public-services government office line-waiting experience in my near future. Then, it's Honduras-beach-bound...

Dance, dance, baby!


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