14 March 2007

Emmy Nomination!

i was nominated for my first emmy award today... how cool is that? to celebrate, tonight i'm heading back to the Roxy for rollerskating... i've roped some fellow friends into my madness and tonight it's beer and wheels on the west side...

(*evening edit - roller skating is canceled... so tonight, instead, it's taco dinner and tv-marathon celebration... with brownies! i guess i'll have to celebrate with roller skates another time!)

p.s. thanks for the shout-out, fellow blogger-lady: http://femminista-della-casa.blogspot.com/


i was walking to class last night, in a bit of a pondering state, because i think i have misplaced my wallet... and i overheard a woman talking on her cell phone.

i swear to you i'm not making this up... she said it as clear as day....

"you want to shear a sheep in my apartment? well... okay."

that, coupled with the fact that it smells like spring today... and i think i'm falling back in love with this town...



i was held up leaving work the other day because they were filming a car crash scene on the street for the upcoming "The Bourne Ultimatum" movie.

the crew spent 9 hours on the street setting up and shot two takes of the crash. a scene that will take approximately 1.3 seconds on the screen... this business baffles me sometimes... the controlled crashes were fascinating to watch, but i don't think they planned for the bumper to go skittering across the sidewalk into the physical rehab center. oops.

true to the New Yorker mindset, though, the delayed pedestrians were far from impressed by the spectacle. they were, instead, on the verge of a violent protest when they learned that they would have to wait 5 minutes to walk down the street.

you just *have* to love this town....


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Femminista said...

My pleasure! It really is exciting news!