15 March 2007


I went to the Verizon Wireless store this afternoon, after noticing over the past few weeks that my mobile phone wasn't able to hold a charge for longer than about an hour. I figured it would be a quick trip... uneventful. I was right on one count, anyway... it was quick.

"Andre, Verizon Associate" was very helpful, explaining to me that charging the phone overnight may result in burning out of some of the cells in the battery, and that - for future battery saving - I should only charge my battery about 2-3 hours each day.

And then he told me I would have to pay him $39.99 for a new battery.

"Is the phone off warranty?" I asked, innocently...

"No, the phone is still under warranty, but the accessories are not covered."

"The battery is an accessory?"


(Pause) "Seriously?"


"But... the phone won't work without the battery, right?"


"But you call it an accessory?"

(Pause) "Um. Yes."

(I laugh)... "Is it me, or is that kind of a ridiculous classification for a battery?"

(Beginning to look scared)... "Um. Ma'am, I don't make the rules."

(Really laughing now) "So... Let me get this straight. The phone doesn't work without the battery. But you call the battery an accessory? Doesn't that kind of make the battery more of a necessity than an accessory?"

(Wide-eyed)... "I can get a manager..."

(Shaking head and still laughing)... "No, never mind... I guess I need to buy an accessory then..."

I find this fascinating. A battery for a cell phone is an accessory... like a blinged-out carrying case, or those charms that you hang off the antenna, or a belt clip. How, exactly, does that equate? And does that mean that the buttons on the cell phone are accessories too? After all, they come off too, if you poke 'em hard enough....

For the record, one definition online of ACCESSORY I found online is:
Additional features to enhance the appearance or performance of mobile phones, including replacement covers, batteries, hands-free kits, car kits, cases, cameras, keyboards, desktop holders and belt clips.

Well, technically I guess my battery does "enhance the performance" of my phone... I mean, without it, I could still SHOUT to the person I'm trying to reach... right?

(at least there is no mention of buttons... phew!!)

P.S. 100 days until Africa! Yay!

P.P.S. My sister told me that her 6 year old son told her that he had an "ouchie belly button" today. Poor kid has been boogie boarding all day on their vacation in Puerto Rico, and apparently rubbed his "outie" button raw. That just cracks me up. I can't stop laughing about that...

P. P.P.S. Ironic photo from the news... Guatemalan protestors demonstrating against President Bush's visit to Central America and American policies and politics (and simultaneously wearing a t-shirt that says "Wrangler: For the Cowboy In You".)
(I don't know why, but I find that funny)


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