19 March 2007

Bang Bang Bang

before we start... a disclaimer: i asked for this. i recognize and accept my fate entirely. i will admit that i did request bangs.

the first time i went to my favorite-goddess-hair-stylist-in-new-york, i asked her for bangs and she said "we'll make them long bangs, so you make sure you like them first."...

and i liked the long bangs.

and then i went back a few months later, and said "bangs! i liked the bangs! more bangs!" and she cut them into short short short bangs... and now they stick up funny. all the time. especially after i sleep on them.

#:-(........<---- me with funny looking bangs.

now i hate bangs. my hair simply can't grow fast enough. now i'm going to have to wear stupid little cutesy barrettes to keep my bangs under control. and from experience, i can tell you that it's hard to pull off cutesy little barrettes when you're nearly 6 feet tall. (*pout*)


deb broide said...

I'm sure you look beautiful even with short bangs. Don't worry - hair grows fast!!

Beth said...

hi deb! welcome to my little blogger-world....

this morning was a good bang day! they're actually behaving... joy!

miss you!