14 May 2007


The pseudo-underground networking amongst bloggers creates not only unwritten rules and etiquette about blogging... but I have now for the first time, experienced blogger-spam! Femminista "tagged" me the other day with a Seven Things meme. I'm not sure where this came from (and I've never heard of a "meme," nor do I know how to pronounce it), but I'm game for new adventures... so here we go:

These are the rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose seven people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

For inspiration, I looked up "seven" and found lots of fascinating factoids out there that I could use as a launching point for my seven things. There are seven areas in liberal arts (natural science, social science, political science, history, writing or literature, mathematics, and art or music); Shakespeare divided the course of human life into seven ages (infancy, childhood, the lover, the soldier, the justice, old age, and death); There are seven colors in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)... it goes on and on (seven deadly sins, seven wonders of the ancient world) and there are some random ones that for some reason fascinate me (there are seven openings in the human head, seven points on a sheriff's star, seven stellar objects in the solar system visible to the naked eye (sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus,and saturn), and that seven is the most common number chosen when people are asked to pick a random number between 1 and 10.)

Of course, then it came time to write my seven things, and I was suddenly stumped and couldn't think of anything the least bit creative. And I'm PMS'ing. So I decided to go with what life is handing me and stick to the PMS theme:

1. I love the combination of salt and chocolate... chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorites, and Chubby Hubby ice cream is simply divine. I prefer dark-ish chocolate, but really, anything will do. I also have an irresistible craving for Tostito's Hint of Lime tortilla chips... but they make me feel kind of icky afterwards.

2. I don't cry very often - it takes a lot to set me off. But sometimes it only takes a Hallmark commercial, or listening to something by Michael Nyman (or apparently watching Gladiator) to bring on the tears. Random, I know... but there's no room for logic here.

3. I kind of like my once-a-month gift of "larger than usual" boobs... but it admittedly hurts to work out or run at those points. Still, I overall appreciate the fact that I sleep on my stomach without any problems.

4. Every once in a while, I go on a Windex kick, where I'll literally wander around my apartment and Windex any and all surface areas. (I will even sometimes Windex the floors, because I hate vacuuming and mopping that much.) I'm trying to switch to more environmentally-friendly products than Windex, but so far, the best I've done is switch to recycled paper towels. Sorry, Earth.

5. I loathe shopping for shoes, jewelry, or clothing... until about this time of month. Go figure.

6. I've never had to take Midol or anything for cramping... but I'm finding that as I get old, I get more and more sensitive to medications in general. Usually I only take about 1/2 dose of anything (like aspirin or cold medicine) and that does the trick. I've found that it's true with alcohol too, with two beers making me very very happy. Apparently this sensitivity is a Capricorn thing.

7. Recently I have been craving blanched spinach with a little bit of salt or lemon juice. I have no idea why, but I can literally eat 4-5 servings of the stuff in one sitting.

There. Pretty useless information, I'll admit. But that is where my brain is today...

The second part of the assignment admittedly stumps me. I don't know seven bloggers, much less seven people I can "tag" by leaving comments (except on myspace, which I am so over. The only reason I leave up a myspace profile at all is because I have friends from high school and college who have found me there.) So instead of blogger-spam, I'm going to have to "tag" people with good old fashioned email spam. Sorry, y'all...


Anonymous said...

I can drink like a fish and party like a rock star and don't feel a damn bit better until I have had at least 3 advil, so I don't think it's a capricorn thing :)

Beth said...

touche, my dear wing(wo)man.

riobrown said...

Yippee! Someone else with a brain, over 30, with a Myspace. I try to keep mine a secret for the most part. I was cleaning up my JA inbox and ran across your blog link. And, as I am nursing a broken bone, I'm quite content to sit here and read for a bit. Hope you're doing well!

gamergal/Michelle from JA