06 May 2007

Gladiator catharsis

It's been a rather mellow weekend for me, with a trip to the gardens yesterday, and street fairs / apartment open houses today. While it was a gorgeous day, and I did my 50 push ups, and 150 sit ups (and some butt exercises), I just wasn't up for the long-distance walk I had planned. The last 48 hours or so has been rather stressful and I've felt slightly overwhelmed for some reason, but honestly, I couldn't have specified why.

So this afternoon, I made pan-seared organic salmon (it's supposed to be a food that helps you when you're stressed) and some experimental microwave mashed potatoes (that came out rather well, I do say) and watched bits and pieces of Gladiator. While not usually a huge Russell Crowe fan, I do think that Connie Nielsen and Joaquin Phoenix give two of the greatest performances of all time all time in this film... and at the climactic, dramatic end (helped no doubt by Hans Zimmer's incredibly gorgeous soundtrack)... I burst into tears.... and proceeded to cry for 20 minutes.

Can you say "stress" and "burn-out"? I thought you could.

But the cathartic tears were eventually alleviated by the realization that I'm overwhelmed by the prospect of buying an apartment, and so I came to the decision that I'm just going to rent for a while. I stopped crying when I realized this (the return to non-eye-leakage aided by some photos sent by a friend to my phone)... and I already feel a TON better. (Actually, two realizations came through this - I'm going to rent, and I am in desperate need of more tissues.)

I'll feel two tons better when I treat myself to brownies and an early bed time tonight... now if I just had someone to snuggle, life would be perfecto. One step at a time, I suppose... one step at a time...

P.S. A happy congrats to E. and A. on the new addition to their family!

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Femminista said...

Thanks, B!

I use food and movies for catharsis as well--Ben& Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio and either Love Actually or Firth/Ehle Pride & Prejudice, with the occasional 6-hour Brideshead Revisited epic...