16 May 2007

New Toys...

It's only a few more weeks until I take my adventures to Africa (safari and giraffes, here I come!) My little camera - while fabulous - just wasn't going to cut the butter when it came to zooming in to capture decent images of faraway beasties. So I decided to bite the bullet, and bought myself a new toy (thanks to some recommendations from friends):
As a test run, I decided to test it out in the wildlands of Connecticut... Here's the wide shot...
And here's a zoomed-in shot from the same spot:
Not bad! Although I do hope that I'm not quite this close to any hungry lionesses or anything... yikes!

My sister, for mother's day, got a new toy of her own... let's hear it for chicas with electronics!!


Anonymous said...

why do I look so worried?! Mine is WAY less complicated than yours!

Beth said...

you only look worried because you were squinting to see the LCD screen!