22 June 2007

Tutaonana baadaye

We have made it, ladies and gents! The apartment is packed, and the last remnants are to be shoved in the back of my sister's van in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, to be shipped to CT for indefinite storage. Then, I shove myself and my 26 pounds of luggage into a van, head to the airport and spend way too much time on a plane... destination: Johannesburg.

The obvious impending news is that I'm leaving for Africa in one day... whoo! But there are so many other events on the horizon that I feel like my brain is being pulled in a million directions. It's fabulous... I'll post it all when I get back, or when things actually get finalized to the point of actual newsworthiness. Until then... tutaonana baadaye...


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Anonymous said...


I stumbled across your blog while checking out Mark Donaldson's myspace website.

At his site, there was a picture of a giraffe which was rather cute and intriguing. I figured you were either a little quirky, an animal lover or very tall. I guess you encompass all those things.

I have really enjoyed reading all your posting. It was witty, touching at times and very inspiring. I admire your strength, intelligence and grace! You ROCK!

All the best with your travels around Africa. I look forward to reading more of your posting.

* a fellow NY gal*