19 July 2007

Returning from the other side of the planet

I have officially returned from the other side of the planet! I admit that I did attempt (once) to post a blog during the one day that I had internet access in Zimbabwe. But because of the political and economic strife there, the power was shut down while I was working on it and it never made it up.

Africa was - to unfairly summarize - indescribable. It was a trip of a lifetime, and it has moved me to the point where I'm still trying to grasp everything that I saw, felt, smelled, and ate. The animals were spectacular, the scenery was exotic and beautiful, and the people were some of the most moving I've ever met. Their stories are inspiring, tragic, hopeful, and humorous... and I will be sure to share them with you soon. I'm still having culture shock after being in the bush for several weeks, and the sheer opulence of the U.S. is rather startling after witnessing such poverty.

I took over 1200 photos, and I kept a journal through my trip, which I'm planning on sharing with you. For those of you who want the long version, I'll be working on it... but I'll also provide a Cliff Notes version to those with shorter attention spans. Stay tuned for that in the coming days.

First, though, I have to unpack my bag (yes, I made it under 26 pounds!), do laundry, get a few groceries (though my sister and bro-in-law left me one coffee yogurt in the fridge for this morning - dang, I love them so much!), and figure out how to get the 1200 photos off of my camera and into my 'puter... which is still in a box in the basement. But stay tuned, dear friends... life is getting interesting.


Sue said...

Didn't we tell you it was a wonderful place to visit. I am looking forward to reading your long version!

Wish we could have seen Capetown. We did spend one night in Johannesburg and that was very different from the other places we had gone in Africa. Even Nairobi was not as modern and had scores of poor people everywhere.

Glad you are back!

Love ya!

Sue said...

Didn't we say that Africa was a wonderful place to go? It is the most unique of all my travels so far.

I am looking forward to your long version!


Beth said...

It was amazing... thank you so much for recommending the trip! Cape Town was very modern... it was like a strange combination of Portland (Seattle), Maine, and Miami... but far more multicultural. Fascinating place.