03 June 2007

Rainy day.

it's pouring rain in New York City.
the city lights shimmer on the streets.

i donated my wedding dress to the salvation army.
i sold my rings to a stranger.
i honestly hope they bring some joy to someone else.

but me... i'm sad tonight.
very sad.
it feels weak to admit that i'm afraid of being alone...
afraid of not having someone to share life with...
grow old with...
tonight, the feeling looms large.

the rain is appropriate, somehow.


Cowgirl said...

What is worse, being alone with hope and possibility for change or being locked in to someone you love, but who isn't really there for you?

Beth said...

who are you?

Anonymous said...

Remember the good things. For instance:
After it rains, the sun comes out and is warm on our faces.
When we are sad and need them the most, family and friends show up to make us happy.
Even if today is a complete bust, you always have the chance to explode tomorrow and have the time of your life.
And when you feel most alone, is usually when you find out that people everywhere care and want you to know that they are thinking of you and wishing all good things for you.

Beth said...

thanks, 'mous... :-)