12 June 2008


In the interest of trying to minimize the joint-creaking pain incurred by sitting in front of a computer for waaay too many hours every day, I finally blew up my exercise ball. It was free, lest you think I've gone COMPLETELY off my rocker, and I tried to use it today instead of my regular office chair. I've heard that if you sit on the ball instead of a chair, you basically use your abs, back, and leg muscles all day to keep yourself balanced, and it's generally healthier than a chair. Yay! Healthier SITTING! I love America.

So today I tried this modern wonder of fitness, and blew up my yoga/fitness ball. And sat on it.

I'm too low on my desk and the edge is cutting into my arm and my fingers get tingly and my shoulders hurt from shrugging for the last 7 hours to try to reach the pooter. And my hips, knees and ankles hurt? Why is that?

Answer: I'm getting old.


The only plus side is that while i've been brainstorming I've been doing situps on the ball. Result: Realizing that not only am I old, but in pathetic shape.

Deflating ball. Going back to chair now.

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