10 June 2008

Looking back...forward...eh...yea...

Hello! Wow it's friggin' hot. But fortunately, Con Ed hasn't let the Big Apple down (except for a few spots in Brooklyn last night), and the 103 degree heat hasn't overloaded my cheap-o Wal Mart air conditioning unit either. I guess that's one real perk to having only 420 square feet of living space... the AC doesn't have to work that hard to keep up.

Nothing really brilliantly new has happened in life, except that the old dishwasher is gone, and the shelves are...being installed. How is it possible that I'm *that* excited about shelves? HA! Actually, it's not just the shelves, but life in general that's getting better. I am still working on moving out of "hermit" life... but so far, I've signed up for two classes, made a date or two (gasp), learning that the right kind (and number) of tequila shots doesn't have to hurt too badly, and am generally doing okee doke. I do spend far too much time staring at a computer screen in a given day, but that may change soon, and at least the chinese takeout happens much less frequently these days. My sodium levels may return to normal by 2012.

I won't get into what the title of this email means...not yet, anyway. Let's just say that Saturday night has potential.

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