18 September 2007

What gets my goat...

Things that get my goat:

Being thirsty and having to pee at the same time.

Melting ice watering down a $12 drink.

Uptime and downtime being indistinguishable in their levels of stress.

Non-thong giving a wedgie. (Why else would you wear grannie-panties except to avoid a wedgie?)

Switching to online billing to save paper, and still getting junk mail from the credit card company. (I'm talkin' to you, AMEX.)

Being surrounded by people and feeling lonely. (And then being filled with guilt because I shouldn't feel lonely.)

People who claim online "friends" aren't real friendships.

Phlegm and swollen sinuses. (Really, what is the evolutionary purpose of a sinus headache?)

Computers that don't do what they're supposed to do.

Cleaning up my room, and then not being able to find anything I'm looking for.

Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

People who can't separate work and play... and people who can't enjoy that separation.

The fact that you can't have long fingernails and play the piano.

Places that run the heat or A/C based on the date and not the temperature.

I think that's it for now. Meanwhile, my sister and I are "training" for our walk in two weeks... yikes!!! Wish us luck!

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