06 December 2006

What's up in my life... randomness.

i have a zit in my ear.

and i'm going rollerskating tonight, which i'm REALLY looking forward to.... but probably won't help the zit in my ear.

i'm wearing a cute new bra today (polka-dotty) with matching undies!

i got a "$7 Special Holiday Deal!" manicure today and when she asked "what color you like?" i said "whatever, you pick" and she painted them a DAAAARK red called "Wicked." it looks kind of cool, but WOW i'm definitely a very, very pale white woman.

i'll take photos.

of the rollerskating.

and the nails.

not the bra.

i'm eating lean cuisine now. spaghetti carbonara. i'm wondering if it's real bacon in there. probably not.

now i have a craving for a reese's peanut butter cup.

tomorrow, my work includes making a personalized cheese board with a wood burning tool.... and they're paying me for that... sometimes i don't just don't get the entertainment industry.

my apartment's been on the market since labor day, and so far, i have had nearly 100 strangers come through to see it. no one, however, with an offer.

i have done absolutely no christmas shopping. the one gift that i *do* plan on every year is back-ordered and i don't know if it'll come in time to put it together.

i think i'm going to skip sending out christmas cards this year. bah humbug.

my husband is stalling the divorce and i'm not sure why. ironic, for a man who says he wants his 'freedom.' frustration. sadness.

i don't know any of the answers to the Jeopardy questions tonight.

i think i may get my hair cut and get bangs this time.

i worked out three times in the last four days, and feel really good about that.

i ate way too much macaroni and cheese last night. but i also had a lot of broccoli (organic), so that balances it all out.

that's my life.

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