07 December 2006

Did you ask me question?

Name: Check.
DOB: Yep, I have one of those too.
Birthplace: A hospital
Current location: My apartment
Eye color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blond-ish
Height: Right now, probably about 5'. If I stand up, I'm 5'11"
Heritage: White woman here. I think there's some Lebanese in there. It accounts for the green hue. Or that might be the tuna fish I had for lunch.
Piercings: Some
Tattoos: (see "Turd The Makeover" blog)

Band/Singer: Right now? Kristian Leontiou
Song: "Shining"
Genre of Music: Sadly, it's mass-market pop. Sorry Jim.
Color(s): Blue-green, or any sunset colors.
TV show(s): Medium, BSG (geek-alert!), Daily Show, Family Guy
Movie(s): Casino Royale. And Toy Story. I'm bipolar like that.
Food: Yes.
Store: According to my credit card statement, that would be Taca Airlines and the chinese restaurant down the street.
#: Huh?
Favorite drink: Egg nog.
Clothing Brand: I'm wearing Gap right now. Pretty much head to toe. Eeh gads. That's embarassing.
Shoe Brand: 9 West, or Asics.
Animal: I'm a human, I'm pretty sure.
Pizza topping: CHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE (with slight deviation into pepperoni sometimes.)
Season: Anything but the dead of winter.
Month: Too many choices here. Pass.
Holiday: Mole Day (October 23rd)
Flower: Anything growing in the wild.

Sunny or rainy: Sunny... unless it's a tropical storm in a balmy place. Then thunderstorms are cool.
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla... with chocolate sauce.
Fruit or veggie: I said, vanilla with chocolate sauce!!! Can't you read?
Night or day: Cow.
Sour or sweet: Salty.
Love or money: Yes, please.
Phone or in person: DEFINITELY in person. Sex is always better that way.
Poor & happy or rich & miserable: I refuse to answer that question because it's stupid.
Looks or personality: Ditto.
Coffee or tea: Egg nog.
Hot or cold: HOT

Goal for this coming year: Get a divorce. Get a new apartment. Do 100 pushups (at once, not during the whole year.)
Most missed memory: Well, that's dumb. How would I know if it's a missing memory?
Best physical feature: Hair?
First thought waking up: What's that beeping? Wow, that's annoying. Hope that stops soon.

Do you want to get married? If you already are, how long? I choose option d: none of the above.
Do you want to have kids or do you already have kids? I married one already. They're overrated.
If so, how many: At least 59.
What do you want to name your kids or what are their names already? Bubblegum.

Dance in the rain: Absolutely.
Shower daily: Um. No comment.
Like thunderstorms: Yay! That would be a YES.
Sing: Some people would call it singing...
Play an instrument: Digeridoo
Think you are good looking: Trick question - if I say "no" then I have poor self esteem. If I say "yes" then I'm egomaniacal. I think I am attractive to some people, and unattractive to others. I think I'm okay, but don't know if I'd want to sleep with me.. I'd have to get to know myself a little better.
Get along with your parents: No comment.

Can you whistle: With what?
Right or left handed: I have both of my hands, thank goodness.
Your bedtime: About an hour ago.
Biggest fear: Loneliness.
3 things you can't live without: Air, Water, Gravity.
Color of your room: Yellow. But the room with the padded walls is pink....
Siblings: Yes.
Middle name: Yes.
Pets: One husband, but he's been adopted by someone else, so he's leaving soon.
Nicknames: Roonie (don't ask)
Thoughts on abortion: Hm, that's a doozie of a question after softballing me with the "nickname" question... Going from "Roonie" to "abortion" is just weird. Who are you exactly?
If you could be anywhere right now where would you be: In a cab heading to the airport to catch a plane to a cruise around the world that would last for a year. Or eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.
Do you wear contacts/glasses: I wear my sunglasses at night.... (now that song is stuck in your head, isn't it? And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're too young to be reading this blog, so go away.)
Are you afraid of the dark: Depends if there's scary music playing.

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