22 July 2009

Blisters and charities...

An email conversation with my sister:

Sister: Blisters are evil. Skin shouldn't just bubble up and fall off. Poor design.


Sister: I'll talk to God about it next time I'm in church. But I'm beginning to think that's not the sort of thing he's working on.

Me: priorities are irrelevant to dieties. it's not like God has time management issues.

Sister: I'm afraid he might just say FINE! I'll just start all over! and poof. We'll all be gone.

Me: at least then we won't have blisters.

In other news, I am running in a race! To raise moolah for breast cancer. This time it's a short race (only 5k, instead of the 39 mile insanity like last time.) So feel free to donate, or sign up and run with me! Click below:

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